Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smutty Stuff

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"Argument" by Mr. Chips

When mom and dad argued,
She’d invariably nag him
At the top of her voice
About how he wanted her
To have an abortion
When she was pregnant
With her only child-me
While I cowered trembling
In my bed, in my room
Across the hall.

She must have known
I would hear
And if she did
I wonder
Why did she want me to hear
And what did she expect
Me to take away
From what I heard?


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The jS Window

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Project Pretty Boy 2

Project Pretty Boy 2

Voice of Reason

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Dave the Rave

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fear Of Boys

Otto Lohm├╝ller - The Struggle Against the Todies Society Madness
The Fear of Boys

Is a boy a fearsome thing to be avoided?
Is his beauty such to make men quail,
to cringe in terror at such an awful sight?
Whence comes revulsion at his naked form?
Why the passion that destroys depictions
such that classic artists ever celebrate?
In a realm of cybernetic visions,
of perverse depictions protected by the law,
where censorship is so loudly battled,
yet the naked innocence of boys is hated,
their blissful images removed,
and their authors threatened and derided.
Is a boy a fearsome thing to be avoided?
Or are the narrow-minded thoughtless prudes,
themselves beset by grievous mental illness,
and will that illness banish beauty from our land
and replace it with the dullness of grey ashes?

----------ed pacht, March 28, 2011, on the pathology of internet prudery

Friday, March 11, 2011

Anthony Way

Dear Tumblr: "Bouncin' Back"

Bouncin’ Back

Been shot down, beaten, bruised.
There’s some’un tryin’ t’ get me down.
Ain’t gonna stay in the hole y’ dug.
Ain’t gonna let the dirt y’ throw
cover me up an’ bury me.
Gonna git up.
Gonna bounce up.
Gonna stand up.
Gonna dust off m’ clothes
an’ wash off m’ face,
an’ put on m’ smile,
an’ dance, dance, dance,
an’ y’ ain’t a-gonna stop me.

-----ed pacht