Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fear Of Boys

Otto Lohmüller - The Struggle Against the Todies Society Madness
The Fear of Boys

Is a boy a fearsome thing to be avoided?
Is his beauty such to make men quail,
to cringe in terror at such an awful sight?
Whence comes revulsion at his naked form?
Why the passion that destroys depictions
such that classic artists ever celebrate?
In a realm of cybernetic visions,
of perverse depictions protected by the law,
where censorship is so loudly battled,
yet the naked innocence of boys is hated,
their blissful images removed,
and their authors threatened and derided.
Is a boy a fearsome thing to be avoided?
Or are the narrow-minded thoughtless prudes,
themselves beset by grievous mental illness,
and will that illness banish beauty from our land
and replace it with the dullness of grey ashes?

----------ed pacht, March 28, 2011, on the pathology of internet prudery


  1. The problem is that men don't quail at boys' beauty, but at what some men must confronrt inside themselves when they look on that beauty. Men would be far healthier, and fewer vboys would end up abused, if men could look upon a boy's beauty and enjoy it for the gift that it is in its totality and without exception.

    Mr. Chips

    There is also the fact that some men look upon a boy's beauty and consider that once they were that way, and now they no longer are. The beauty angers and shames them, Since they no longer possess it, they want no reminders of what they once were, and want no one else to remember.

  2. Mr. Chips,
    Thank you for your sobering thoughts!

  3. that is it, totally. Mr. chips is right on. Damn, I have tried for a while to come to that very same feeling. since they can't have the beauty, they ruin the lives of those that do, what a shame

  4. however, how can a person who has not physically matured be beautiful. I think it is more like how a puppy or kitten is just the cutest thing, we all admire that, but the sickness is not just jealousy, it's more like just plain ole human meanness. the truth of all this lies between the first two comments (which are powerful and true) and this one

  5. Ich finde das Otto Lohmüller einer der besten Künstler der Gegenwart ist!
    jS ( )

  6. When I was ten years old I felt a powerful sexual attraction to my beautiful ten year old friends...

    1. I too was attracted to my beautiful
      ten year old friends, and the same up
      to age fourteen. Thanks for your expression
      Hermes, I am less lonely now.

  7. jS said:
    "I think that Otto Lohmüller is one of the best artists of our time!"

    I totally agree!

  8. I love boys and just like to please them

  9. Anonymous,

    I am glad to hear that some of your loneliness has lifted.

    Have a nice day!

  10. I like all of Otto's paintings. Zynder

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