Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Boy At The Store

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The Boy At The Store

It was his smile gave him away
That milk tooth smile sure caught my eye.
His furtive glance did stray and stray
Each time I turned, he looked my way.

His skinny restless bony frame
Twisted and craned to track me down
And I confess I joined the game
One innocent and beyond blame.

A busy store was our field
A chance encounter, as are all,
Down produce aisles our glances wheeled
No housewives guessed our secret guild.

Pied Pipers are not made but born,
'Tis not a choice, but divine grace.
Life long I've borne that earthly form,
And I’m still blessed, though old and worn.

This urban elf was drawn to me,
How could he know it’s nature’s law?
Some hidden magic he did see
That made him crave my company.

Just behind him and his grand dame
I chose to take my place in line,
Tempting blind fate with daring game
Knowing this day won’t come again.

His eyes could not believe his luck
And twisting scanned me with quick looks
Till with broad smile and daring pluck
He turned full round, with languor struck.

"You goin' to fish?" quizzed he and grinned.
"No need," thought I, "the fish is caught."
But hid that thought and my mind screened,
Casting my catch back to the wind.

"No, just some stuff to fix my home."
"It must be huge," said he lovestruck,
"Not big but nice," and my eyes shone
Then glimpsed the frown of his old crone.

Bright beads of sweat on his brow stood
Though that spring day was rather chill.
My wistful heart suited his mood.
Naught’s left to do but write and brood.

"Let me come help," the boy let out.
"That would be great, first ask your dad."
What could I tell my little trout?
That this mad world is friendship's rout?

I left him standing by the door
And did not risk a backward look.
Our play had reached its farthest shore
Our friendship an unwritten book.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Benjo Photos

To whom it may concern:
Many Benjo (also known as Pau) photos are available at my Sugar Sync site.  Please use my link list.

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